2016 Olympics: Going For Programmatic ‘Gold’

All eyes will soon be on Rio. For over two weeks, the 2016 Summer Olympics will dominate not only television but the digital landscape as well. A lot has changed since the 2012 Olympic games. Thanks to mobile devices and Brazil’s US-friendly time zone, viewers will now have complete access to their favorite country, sport and athlete in real-time. This unprecedented level of digital exposure allows marketers to reach a number of target demographics within one campaign.  So, let the games begin.

Blend in with the crowd
This is an important time to stay up to date with publishers. Keeping an eye on the content your publishers produce will allow you to create ads that are well-received. It’s all about user experience and users feel less targeted when the ads they are served relates to publisher content.

Everyone gets to play
You don’t have to be a large brand with a multi-million-dollar digital advertising budget to get in on the action. Publishers of various sizes will cover the 2016 Olympics. Start having discussions with your SSPs to secure the right inventory for your campaign goals.

Are you choosing teams?
Do you have customers in different countries? If so, the 2016 Olympic Games are a perfect opportunity to target your audiences. Geo-targeted ads featuring teams from the countries your consumers reside in is an authentic way to connect.

Go for the Gold
During the Olympics viewers will want continuous streams of highlighted clips that can be watched in short periods. This is an ideal time to incorporate mobile video into your campaigns. After all, video advertising will account for $4.35 billion in 2016.
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Don’t isolate fans
While your brand may have a specified demographic, the Olympics are a great time to attract new consumers. People of all ethnicities, backgrounds and socio-economic levels will be tuned in. Be sure you’re targeting accordingly and not missing anyone.

Want to make sure you’re reaching the right audience during the 2016 Summer Olympics? Contact us at 33Across to see how we can help you win.