High Impact, Low Effort: Three Ways to Capture More Revenue with Impact Ads

Publishers in search of breakthrough ad solutions have to walk a fine line: Finding ads that spark user interest and capture attention, while ensuring that they don’t add unnecessary tech that could slow down the site (and potentially annoy those same users). Thankfully, our high impact formats were designed to do just that.

Launched back in 2013, but improved and iterated on ever since, our publisher partners across verticals including news, technology, and entertainment monetize close to 1 billion high impact ad impressions per month. They’re popular and successful for a few key reasons:

  • Driving incremental revenue: Our Impact Ads net higher CPMs than standard ads, without competing with or cannibalizing them. For publishers centralizing their programmatic demand via header bidding, we recently announced our Impact Header Bidding offering. Publishers testing Impact Ads in the header saw a 60% increase in eCPMs vs. standard IAB creative in the first month.
  • Focused on user experience: We developed them to be 100% compliant with the Better Ads Coalition standards, which are guidelines based on input from over 66,000 actual users. Simple elements like having a visible close button and never covering more than 30% of the content, go a long way toward avoiding user complaints (and potential ad blockers).
  • Easy to implement: There’s no custom development required because they stem from standard IAB ad formats. This means publishers can set up and test to see which units drive the most value right away.

While every publisher has a unique monetization strategy, site infrastructure, and audience makeup, we’ve pinpointed a few of the most common scenarios where our high impact formats can really add value:

You can find more info on our Impact Ads here, or reach out to an account rep at revenue@33across.com.