7th Annual 33Across Hackathon – The One Where We Stayed Home

Whether working in the office or at home, collaboration is a vital component of a 33Acrosser. Our annual hackathon is a true testament to this and always sparks amazing creativity and community. This year’s at-home version was no different. Over the course of 2 days, teams from 5 different time-zones worked together to create their hacks. This year we had 36 employees from 8 different departments participate.

To see what the hackers could produce with a combination of innovation, creativity, cooperation, and speed was incredible. Each hack was presented with enthusiasm following a clear set of requirements set forth by the judges. Besides the customary demos of their hacks, the teams clearly articulated how their hacks can help 33Across or our customers succeed. Picking the winning hack was no easy feat.


Overall Hackathon Winner and People’s Choice Award

Breadcrumbs: Divya, Gowri, Rashmi, Rudrakshi, Sandeep, and Arindrajit
Hacks: Supply chain validation tool for publishers

2nd Place Winner

Smart Bear: Georgy, Erlan, Ekaterina, Maxim, Simo, Amey
Hacks: Traffic optimization tool for publishers

Most Innovative

The Alfreds: Terry, Kena, Yanyan, Fatima, Daniel, Carlos
Hacks: High Impact Ads launched from Google Assistant