Case Study: How Shinez Saw a 65% Increase in Cookieless Revenue with Lexicon


Shinez, a leading storytelling platform that distributes entertaining and engaging stories across social media and the open web to over 45M readers, partnered with 33Across to help them to address their (seemingly) unaddressable inventory.  

Behind the Scenes

Shinez drives social traffic and builds loyal audiences to their web properties. They found it difficult to monetize their full programmatic supply since 61% of their inventory derives from non-cookied browsers. Being that they operate in mostly cookieless environments, Shinez turned to 33Across to help them monetize their unaddressable inventory.

Lexicon: The Addressable Solution

33Across’ identity solution, Lexicon was created to help equip publishers with a supply-first solution to balance privacy and monetization for the open web. Lexicon immediately makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, allowing buyers to recognize and bid on quality inventory at programmatic scale. Publishers gain more browser independence when they have more opportunities to monetize their full supply within the bounds of privacy.  


The Strategic Results

Lexicon enabled Shinez to increase cookieless revenue without any operational lift. As a result, they saw a spike in cookieless revenue almost immediately.

  • Increased cookieless revenue by 65% quarter-over-quarter
  • Cookieless revenue contributed to 27% of their programmatic revenue
  • 2X greater win rates on cookieless inventory than their cookied inventory


Our focus has been to drive loyal audiences to our suite of web properties; however, we’ve begun to see our cookieless outpace our cookied inventory due to an influx of traffic from embedded and non-cookied browsers. Lexicon has proven integral to transforming our cookieless supply into programmatic revenue without any technical lift

— Ziv Jonas, Co-Founder, Shinez


The Conclusion

Shinez was previously missing out on valuable revenue since the majority (61%) of their inventory comes from non-cookied browsers. With 33Across’ Lexicon, they are now able to address and monetize that revenue with ease. 

Many other companies face the same issue and are wondering how to solve the cookieless puzzle, even before the cookie phase-out in 2023. Buyers, publishers, DSPs, SSPs, and more continue to see the value of targeting cookieless inventory for its efficiency and ability to tap into new audiences, and Lexicon is the solution.

For more information on our partnership with Shinez, read the full case study here.  

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