Cookieless Supply Drives Programmatic Revenue Growth for Shinez

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Q4 Revenue Growth


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Cookieless Revenue

Q4 Revenue Growth

Win Rates

Cookieless Revenue

The Challenge

Shinez is a storytelling platform that distributes entertaining and engaging stories across social media and the open web to 45-50M readers that consume 1 billion page views a month. Today, about 50% of a publisher’s inventory is cookieless. In Shinez’s case, approximately 61% of Shinez’s programmatic inventory comes from non-cookied browsers, making it difficult to monetize due to programmatic’s overreliance on the cookie. Since their platform focuses on driving social traffic to their sites in order to build loyal audiences across the open web, Shinez turned to 33Across’ Lexicon to help them monetize cookieless inventory.

The Solution: Lexicon™

33Across’ Lexicon immediately makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, allowing buyers to recognize and bid on quality inventory at programmatic scale. Publishers gain more browser independence when they have more opportunities to monetize their full supply and curate audiences within the bounds of privacy. Using Lexicon, Shinez immediately converted their undervalued cookieless supply into programmatic revenue without any further technical lift or integration required. Lexicon gives demand partners access to quality audiences with less competition than cookied inventory, creating more efficiency and higher win rates. As more programmatic buyers tapped into Shinez’s cookieless inventory, the publisher saw an uptick in their cookieless revenue growth.

The Results: By the Numbers

Lexicon’s addressable technology, along with an increased appetite for cookieless inventory from buyers boosted Shinez’s cookieless revenue by 65% in Q4 2021. Shinez saw 2X greater win rates on cookieless inventory than their cookied inventory. Shinez’s cookieless inventory makes up 61% of their inventory and drives 27% of their overall revenue. 

Our focus has been to drive loyal audiences to our suite of web properties; however, we’ve begun to see our cookieless outpace our cookied inventory due to an influx of traffic from embedded and non-cookied browsers. Lexicon has proven integral to transforming our cookieless supply into programmatic revenue without any technical lift

— Ziv Jonas, Co-Founder, Shinez

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