Unaddressable Revenue Outpaces the Cookie for DailyMail.com with Lexicon

Lexicon Case Study

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Progammatic Revenue

Cookieless Revenue Growth


Increase in Cookieless Fill Rate

Progammatic Revenue

Cookieless Revenue Growth

Increase in Cookieless Fill Rate

Finding an identity solution for unaddressable inventory that we can clearly measure is a key focus for DailyMail.com. Lexicon’s ability to seamlessly transform cookieless inventory into addressable inventory has been impressive. What’s more is, Lexicon has removed the challenge of technical resources and scale that occur with most identity resolution solutions.

— Jeremy Gan, VP Revenue Operations, DailyMail.com

The Opportunity

DailyMail.com is one of the world’s largest English-speaking newspaper websites with more than 185m global unique browsers. Approximately 65% of their programmatic inventory comes from non-cookied browsers, making it difficult to monetize due to programmatic’s overreliance on the cookie. Having tested many identity solutions in the marketplace, they wanted a solution that they could clearly measure.

The Solution: Lexicon™

33Across’ Lexicon immediately makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, allowing buyers to recognize and bid on quality inventory at programmatic scale. Publishers gain more browser independence when they have more opportunities to monetize their full supply and curate audiences within the bounds of privacy. Using Lexicon, DailyMail.com could immediately turn their cookieless inventory into monetizable addressable inventory. Lexicon gives demand partners access to quality audiences with less competition than cookied inventory, creating more efficiency and higher win rates. As more programmatic buyers tapped into cookieless inventory, DailyMail.com saw massive growth in cookieless revenue.

Results: By the Numbers

Lexicon’s addressable technology and more demand for cookieless inventory attributed to DailyMail.com’s growth in cookieless revenue by 67% and drove 69% of their overall programmatic revenue in cookieless environments in Q1. Buyers see the value of targeting cookieless inventory for its efficiency and ability to tap into new audiences. This boost in demand led to a 33% jump in fill rate and a 22% boost in their average CPMs. Along with substantial gains in cookieless revenue, DailyMail.com saw win rates on cookieless inventory that were 2X greater than their cookied inventory.

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