Cookieless Spend Surpasses Cookie Spend and Cookieless Impressions Cost Less, According to 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report

Leading Publisher Technology Platform Presents a 1:1 Comparison of Cookie vs. Cookieless Performance by Advertising Vertical and Content Category, For the First Time in the Marketplace

NEW YORK ­— November 1, 202233Across, a publisher technology platform designed for the open web, today announced findings from its new Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report to help publishers and programmatic buyers obtain new insights into emerging buy-side and sell-side trends for cookieless inventory on the 33Across exchange. The analysis for the 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report was conducted over August and September 2022 for the purpose of identifying emerging buy-side and sell-side trends for cookieless inventory on the 33Across exchange.

The main findings from the 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report:

  • Cookieless spend surpasses cookie spend: Insurance advertisers spent more on cookieless inventory in September than cookied, and more verticals are shifting their programmatic budgets to cookieless
  • Same purchase behaviors: With the introduction of Lexicon, the 33Across identity solution, cookieless inventory can be purchased programmatically through DSPs the same way as cookied inventory
  • Cookieless impressions cost less: Across all advertising verticals, there’s up to a 78% CPM gap for cookieless inventory when compared to the third-party cookie inventory these verticals purchased
  • Cookieless Investments: September 2022 saw a significant shift in cookieless investments for Food & Drink, Tech, Insurance, and Telcom advertiser verticals
  • Content is still king: Content-rich publishers like Sports, Health & Wellness, News, and Entertainment are sought after and continue to perform better for cookieless segments


Report Methodology

33Across analyzed programmatic transactions on its exchange to gain insight into cookieless versus cookie trends for buyers and sellers during August and September 2022. From a demand perspective, the report highlights performance for the top 10 advertising verticals on the 33Across exchange; Auto, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Insurance, Pharma/OTC, Retail, Tech, Telecom, and Travel.  Specifically, which verticals spent the most on programmatic inventory, the investment breakdown between cookied and non-cookied inventory (SOV), and the pricing difference between cookied and cookieless impressions. 

For supply, 33Across reviewed the following content categories – Cooking, Education, Entertainment, Games, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, News, Sports, Tech, and Travel. The findings were based on the following data points listed:

  • Advertiser Data: Over 200 brands across 20 Industries
  • Supply Data: Over 200 publishers across ten content categories
  • Spend Data: Over 3B monthly paid impressions

“The 33Across Cookieless Report helps us understand how advertisers are beginning to shift their programmatic ad spend to reach audiences in browser-agnostic environments. It’s clear that some verticals understand that to remain competitive, cookieless inventory offers a way to reach under-targeted audiences cost-effectively,” said Sylvain Le Borgne, Chief Partnership Officer, MediaMath.

“Inventory without third-party cookies is now the majority of supply and will certainly increase next year. We were pleased to see so many advertisers investing in cookieless efforts and the corresponding increase in publisher CPMs for that inventory from August to September 2022,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across.

In 2021, 33Across introduced its identity solution, Lexicon, to serve as an addressable technology designed to help publishers succeed without the use of cookies and simplifies the increasingly complex identity landscape; providing a comprehensive approach to unlock addressability and monetization on the programmatic open while honoring consumer privacy choices. Since its launch, Lexicon has helped publishers see 15x year-over-year growth in daily cookieless revenue. Additionally, the identity solution has been integrated with over ten demand-side platforms, and 33Across has increased its publisher base by 25% with partners like DailyMail, Shinez, and Factinate.

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About 33Across

33Across makes the programmatic advertising ecosystem work without cookies, across supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, publishers, data companies, agencies, and everything in between. Leading global advertisers, platforms, and publishers rely on 33Across to move past cookies and reach consumers in a simple, fair, and transparent manner.

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