Friday Fives: Leroy H., VP of Demand Sales Talks Sales Tactics, Data, and what He’s Been Wearing For 10 Years

We’re excited to kick off 2018 in a big way. 33Across is getting bigger and we’re growing in amazing ways. For the first Friday Fives of 2018 we are featuring one of our newest employees, Leroy Holland. Serving as our VP of Demand Sales, Leroy comes from a robust ad tech background and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to 33Across. Check out his views on what makes salespeople great, the role data will play in the future of programmatic advertising, and what he’s still wearing 10 years later.

What’s an often non-recognized quality that you see consistent within great salespeople? 

Great customer service. The ability to roll up your sleeves and do a task that may seem mundane. Things like sending an email and asking for a call after receiving an RFP from a client could make the difference in closing a deal.

Do you have a favorite sales acronym you like to use? If so what is it? Why do you like it?
Most people like the traditional ABC, but I myself like ABE – always be engaged. I like it because great salespeople can sell without being pushy. When you are highly engaged with your clients and prospects, this signals that you are a good listener.  Great sales people are effective listeners and tend to adhere to client needs and provide the best capabilities and service.

As a sales veteran, what legacy skills do you feel you bring to the programmatic industry?
I always treat people with respect and dignity. You never know when that young media planner will become a seasoned managing director, and remember how you made them feel 10 years ago.

What role do you think data will play in the future of programmatic advertising?
Data has always been and will continue to be the basis or proxy by which all performance and branding models are proven effective. In today’s marketplace everything is being measured and validated with data. Most agency and brands are adopting Data Management Platform (DMP) technology, so the importance of data will continue to be paramount in programmatic. 

What’s something you wore 10 years ago that you still wear today?
A great pair of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots and Levi’s jeans.