Last Week Today: Changing the Trust Conversation, Facebook Is Still Beneficial, and the AT&T and Timer Warner Merger

What was the buzz around the office last week? Ad tech going back to contextual targeting, what to expect programmatically during midterm elections, and how publishers can how audiences can help publishers monetize.

1. Is context really everything?



Content is making a comeback. Thanks to GDPR and new restrictions on how advertisers target consumers using data, contextual targeting seems like an ideal solution. This move also offers publishers the opportunity to create content in well-lit environments as well. AdExchanger explains how audience targeting could lead to better transparency and closer relationships for both publishers and advertisers.

2. Programmatic will win big this election year

The 2018 mid-term elections are just around the corner. Similar to 2016, advertisers are expected to spend big this year on display ads. When surveyed, 75% of respondents said that programmatic advertising would be a key component of their strategy. Surprisingly, fake news and fake ads only concerned 32% of respondents. According to eMarketer, the biggest concern marketers have this election season regarding their digital campaigns is whether or not they would provide impact to clients

3. How audiences could help publishers monetize more

Publishers could boost monetization through offering audience guarantees. Providing benchmarks of demographic audience performance data creates credibility and offers a better return on investment for advertisers. AdWeek explains how deterministic data is another option for publishers to use leverage as it can be collected directly from their site.