Still Struggling with GDPR | Here’s What You Can Do

We recently announced that we are fully operationally in Europe under the IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework for GDPR. Along the way we spoke with many of our publishers about their GDPR initiatives and challenges. We learned that many publishers are still seeking guidance on how to tackle various aspects of GDPR compliance. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some key priorities for any publisher looking to enter the market post-GDPR.

1) Choose a Consent Management Platform

Navigating GDPR is not simple and given the complicated nature of the digital advertising ecosystem, choosing a consent management platform partner should be your first order of business. They can help you establish the framework as well as pinpoint any gaps in you. Do your research as to which company best fits your business models since services vary across the board. Some solutions to take into consideration are what type of data hosting, GDPR compliance level, reporting, and visual customization.

2) Review your partners

Regardless of whether you are operating under the highest set of privacy standards, you need to think beyond how you engage with customer data. Most publishers rely on third parties to operate efficiently whether it’s for video, content personalization, or programmatic revenue. Like you, each vendor has their own approach to privacy. Be sure to vet partners on their privacy policies to eliminate risk. Check out this article for more information on how to eliminate vendor risk.

3) Keep up with Industry Changes

One thing you can count on is change is constant. Continue to follow industry news and keep tabs on the IAB for any updates on privacy acts or specifications. We can expect to see some changes stateside with the looming California Consumer Privacy Act ( CCPA) and the proposed New York Privacy Act.

Our advice? Make sure you continue to build and iterate products and solutions with a privacy first mentality as consumer privacy continues to move into the foreground.