Why 33Across is Giving Employees Election Day Off

Like everything in 2020, Election Day will look a lot different than prior years. Due to the obstacles from COVID-19 and the importance of voting, 33Across is giving its employees the day off to exercise their civic duty. We do hope that for safety reasons our employees will opt for mail-in voting. We encourage them to volunteer at understaffed polling sites to take the place of high-risk senior citizens or assist in getting people to the polls. 

Election Day is a time for everyone to reflect on how their vote can make an impact on the democratic process not only during the presidential election, but at the state and local level. Free and fair elections are foundational to the United States democracy and we want to ensure we support it. From what we’ve heard, it appears that voting itself may be more difficult at the polls than we’ve ever seen. In 2020, as we struggle through the worst pandemic in over 100 years, our futures depend on the outcome of this election and we encourage everyone to stand up, vote and be counted.