33Across Employees Pull Together to Help Indian COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Over the past month, the world watched India go through its second and most serious surge of COVID-19 cases with the daily case count peaking at 414,000 on May 7th. Almost everyone in India and the global Indian diaspora have either been personally affected or have family, friends or a colleague affected by the coronavirus. The Indian healthcare infrastructure has been under severe strain with scarcities of hospital beds, oxygen supplies, personal protective equipment, vaccines, medicine, and medical equipment. 33Across wanted to find a way to support the people of India and developed a company match program for charitable donations from our US-based employees that supported Indian relief efforts.

We opened the company match program to donations made between April 15th and May 15th to any charity providing COVID-19 relief in India. Over 60% of our US employees contributed to five different charities, which resulted in $5,250 in total donations made. We are very thankful for our generous employees for expressing their solidarity and concern for our colleagues, friends, and family in India.

Interested in learning more about how you can help? Here’s a list of our favorite charities that are actively helping the people of India.

Association for India’s Development
International Medical Corps
Sewa International USA