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We are excited to introduce our newest series, Partner Spotlight, where we highlight our wonderful partners and how we’ve helped them to armor up for the cookieless world.

This edition of Partner Spotlight features, one of the world’s largest English-speaking newspaper websites with more than 185m global unique browsers.

The Cookieless Opportunity 

Approximately 65% of’s programmatic inventory on the 33Across platform comes from non-cookied browsers, making it difficult to monetize due to programmatic’s overreliance on the cookie.


The Cookieless Solution: Lexicon tested multiple identity solutions and found that most are complex and cannot be measured for success since they lack reporting capabilities. 33Across’ Lexicon solution, on the other hand, immediately makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, allowing buyers to recognize and bid on quality inventory at programmatic scale. Publishers can also toggle between cookied and cookieless inventory to see how Lexicon’s addressability impacts performance. You can learn more about Lexicon here. 



The Results

Lexicon’s addressable technology and more demand for cookieless inventory attributed to’s growth in cookieless revenue by 67% and drove 69% of their overall programmatic revenue in cookieless environments in Q1.



To view the full case study in detail, click here. 

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