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Factinate , a website dedicated to finding and sharing interesting facts about science, history, animals, film, people, and much more, is our newest Partner Spotlight! Since deploying 33Across’ Lexicon solution, they have seen a significant boost in cookieless revenue. 

In this Partner Spotlight edition, you’ll get to see what Factinate Co-Founder, Joshua Mendelssohn, had to say about working with 33Across and using our Lexicon solution. Additionally, we go on to share the details of our strategic partnership.



How long have you worked with 33Across?
Three years.

What are some of the most significant results that you’ve seen from utilizing 33Across’ Lexicon?
Lexicon has significantly bolstered performance on cookieless traffic, drastically increasing the volume of revenue we do with 33across. 33across is consistently a strong partner that helps us better monetize our audience.

What are some of the best things about working with 33Across?
In addition to being a strong and consistent monetization partner, the 33Across team is a pleasure to work with. We always get answers right away, and our reps consistently come up with new ideas to improve performance.

Would you recommend 33Across to someone else seeking cookieless solutions?
I’d recommend Lexicon to any publisher looking for a cookieless solution. We had never before seen such immediate and impactful results. From our perspective, we basically just turned it on and instantly started making more money.


Here’s the breakdown of our strategic partnership with Factinate: 

The Cookieless Opportunity 

Approximately 32% of Factinate’s programmatic inventory on the 33Across platform comes from non-cookied browsers and represents 7% of their programmatic revenue. As more demand partners started to shift their programmatic budget to cookieless audiences, Factinate saw an opportunity to implement a cookieless Identity solution.


The Cookieless Solution: Lexicon

Using LexiconFactinate could immediately convert their undervalued cookieless supply into programmatic revenue without any operational lift. Lexicon gives demand partners access to quality audiences with less competition than cookied inventory, creating more efficiency and higher win rates. As more programmatic buyers tapped into cookieless inventory, Factinate saw a sizable boost in their cookieless revenue growth. You can learn more about Lexicon here. 


The Results

Lexicon’s addressable technology, along with an increased appetite for cookieless inventory from buyers boosted Factinate’s cookieless revenue by 73% in Q4. Though cookieless bid rates are 3X less frequent, Factinate saw 3X greater win rates on cookieless inventory than their cookied inventory. To view the full case study, click here.



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