What’s The Key to Good Cookieless Targeting? It’s Good Measurement

Though Google pushed back its cookie deprecation deadline, the industry should continue to right itself on a path not built on third-party cookies. Since Google announced its plan, over 50 alternative identity solutions have become available in Prebid alone. While the industry is gaining strides with targeting users across Safari and other non-cookied environments, measuring cookieless performance has taken a backseat.

When an ad is served, the conversion pixel looks for a third-party cookie, if there is not one available e.g. on a Safari browser, measurement cannot be tied back to the campaign. So even if an ad was served on a Safari browser to the right audience and a conversion event eventually transpired, in the eyes of the advertiser, the ad remains unseen.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you’re an advertiser working with a Lexicon-enabled DSP you can activate cookieless measurement at no additional cost. Not only will you get credit for the conversions you’re driving across cookieless browsers, but you’ll double the size of your conversion pool and improve your return on ad spend.

How Does it Work?

Lexicon’s identity resolution technology takes a similar approach to cookieless measurement. For example, when an ad is served on Safari, Lexicon ties back the browser ID to the known Lexicon-enabled DSP. With deep integrations throughout the programmatic value chain, Lexicon enriches over 150 billion cookieless bid requests daily across leading SSPs. Cookieless measurement becomes much easier through massive adoption.

Prioritize getting cookieless measurement in place before time runs out on third-party cookies. Not only will you learn valuable insights when testing against third-party cookies but you’ll increase your audience size efficiently.

Contact us or reach out to your DSP about setting up cookieless campaign measurement to avoid lost data and protect your advertising budget.