Introducing a new kind of open exchange

We’re excited to announce the launch of AttentionX™, the first open exchange offering only viewable inventory and beyond, including high impact formats and attention-based ad products.

Sadly, 50-70% of all inventory on exchanges today is not in-view. Buyers spend more time and resources navigating through the junk in order to meet basic viewability standards than figuring out how to take their campaign engagement and performance to the next level. That’s too bad because the benefits can be significant. According to a recent study from Magna Global, exceeding the MRC viewability standard by only 3 seconds can increase overall conversions by 97%.

With AttentionX™, we’re aiming to give buyers a foundation of viewability from the start as well as the tools to drive time-in-view far beyond industry standards:

  • First, we’re flipping the model and applying real-time viewability filters to our publisher inventory before it ever enters the exchange. Buyers no longer have to spend the time and money sifting through worthless impressions or building custom PMPs just to hit viewability targets.
  • Next, we’re making our proprietary Impact Ads a part of our open exchange. These formats have an average time-in-view of 25 seconds and, best of all, we generate them automatically from standard IAB create. That means zero creative lift for our buyers.
  • Third, we’re working with our DSP partners to introduce new attention-based buying products, such as time-in-view based bidding. Because we’re sending these attention signals directly to DSPs for optimization, buyers can test these new approaches while continuing to buy on a CPM basis.

AttentionX™ is available through a growing number of DSP partners and we’re excited about the potential of this platform to continue raising the bar on audience attention and engagement. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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