Impact Header Bidding: Our New Scalable Solution for the Attention Economy

Capturing people’s attention in the age of instant gratification and micro-moments requires the right blend of content, creativity, and innovation.

Publishers deliver the content, advertisers bring the creativity, and with the launch of Impact Header Bidding today — we’re excited to say that we’ve got the innovation end covered.

Our new Impact Header Bidding solution dramatically increases the supply of high-impact, highly viewable ad units within the AttentionX™ exchange — helping advertisers win the fight for user attention and driving better monetization for participating publishers.

Impact Header Bidding levels up AttentionX

With Impact Header Bidding, the winning advertiser’s creative renders within a 33Across Impact Ad instead of a standard IAB ad placement.

Our Impact Ad formats have an average time-in-view of 25 seconds* — nearly the length of a standard TV commercial — delivering significantly more attention for advertisers than the industry minimums for display.

Now that we’ve developed a solution that can deliver Impact Ads units via header bidding, a wider array of demand partners will have access to this innovation at scale. And it’s a major win for the publishers in our exchange since on average, publishers that tested Impact Header Bidding saw eCPMs increase by an average of 60% in their first month.

Much like our industry-first Viewable Header Bidding adaptor, the launch of Impact Header Bidding demonstrates our commitment to innovating and iterating as part of our mission to power the industry’s leading attention-based programmatic marketplace.

As our CEO Eric Wheeler noted in the announcement on Thursday:
“With AttentionX, our mission is to create an exchange that maximizes the value of every impression for buyers and sellers. Impact Header Bidding furthers this cause by creating more high-impact, highly viewable supply through the header and connecting it to demand at global scale.”

*As measured by MOAT

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