Publishers Can Easily View the Impact and Importance of Addressable Inventory

Updated:  October 2023

Since the launch of Lexicon, 33Across supply partners can see how monetizing their cookieless inventory positively impacts their revenue. Without any lift or incremental fees, Lexicon seamlessly allows publishers to convert their unaddressable inventory into a new revenue stream. We’re excited to share a new reporting feature that allows partners to easily review the value of their addressable traffic on the 33Across platform. Publishers can easily view and assess performance by cookie vs non-cookied inventory to gain insight on the revenue impact driven by Lexicon.

Birdseye View of Inventory Performance


Delivery Report by Inventory Type: Ad Requests, Impressions Served,
Fill-Rate, CPM Average

33Across pubs can automatically earn revenue on their cookieless supply without any lift or incremental identity fees. Now, they can easily see how it’s performing and the value of it in their dashboard or emailed reports.

Whether you’re interested in monetizing your unaddressable inventory on the  33Across exchange to measure addressable performance or want to use Lexicon Connections to monetize your unaddressable inventory across your existing supply-side partners, 33Across can help.