4 Types of Programmatic PMPs and How to Choose Them

Since its debut in the programmatic stratosphere, private marketplaces (PMP) have been all the craze. Allowing publishers more control over their inventory and giving buyers the option to purchase premium inventory not available on open exchanges; this multi-billion dollar a year sector in programmatic advertising is only expected to grow. As profitable as they may be, choosing the right PMP can be a bit of a challenge. Have no fear, we have you covered with this helpful breakdown on PMPs and choosing the best one for your campaign goals.

Evergreen – Base/Default Deal – Specified Inventory Source
Evergreen deals allow PMP partners to be an “always on” solution or as some may say a “set it and forget it” solution. This is the type of deal buyers should always have live -as evergreen deals are great for tried and true partners who understand your units.

Contextual Relevancy
The most common type of PMP, this type of deal is done by contextual relevance or site category. Contextually relevant deals allow you to target general demographics without having to layer in any data, making targeting a little easier.

Curated Deal ID
Short for Deal Identifier, a Deal ID is a unique number assigned to a specific programmatic relationship. The number is used to match a buyer and a seller to a specified deal which was negotiated beforehand. Deal IDs are usually good for lower-funnel activities such as first or third-party audience segments.

Preferred Deal
Preferred deals are the only deal where buyers are able to augment auction mechanics such as bid bias and “first look” capabilities. They are great for buyers who typically have high ad quality and demand higher scale. Placing buyers in a priority position, preferred deals allows buyers to stick out of the crowd and avoid unwanted competition. This is also the best option for deepening publisher-buyer relationships. Want to take an evergreen deal to the next level? Preferred deals are the way to go.

Learn more about PMPs and if this type of programmatic buying could work for you and your campaigns.