Measure Identity Analytics Across Supply-Side Partners

Now that we’ve officially entered the cookie deprecation era, having the right analytics tools for your identity initiatives is more important than ever. Publishers can now get a detailed view of their supply performances across their Lexicon-enabled partner platforms with the new 33Across Analytics Module via Prebid.

The module provides a better understanding of how identifiers from the 33Across User ID Sub-module and other user ID sub-modules improve monetization.

Once you install the 33Across Analytics Module, you will receive two detailed reports for Bidder and Supply performance. Both reports allow you to understand identifier efficacy, device detail, and formats.

Bidder Metrics Report

  • See how bidders perform with or without the Lexicon ID present in the bid stream
  • Key metrics like fill rate, bid rate, CPM, etc help gauge how successful their supply is for a given bidding partner

Supply Report

  • Determine how specific domains are performing for a publisher by bidder, ad format, device type, browser
  • Key bid metrics such as bid amount, bid CPM, bid rate average, and CPM give a detailed view of supply performance

    How to get started

    1. Make sure you download the latest version of PreBid (8.24 or higher)
    2. Review Analytics Adaptor Set-Up Instructions
    3. Install the 33Across Analytics Adaptor
    4. Request a 33Across PID* from to enable your account for analytics

    *existing 33Across publishers can use their current PID

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