Transparency and Permission-Based Partnerships are Essential Pillars of the Open Web

The digital advertising industry has always evolved, and ad tech companies have always led innovation to help marketers reach and engage with consumers.

Third-party cookie deprecation changes the core of our industry. We must embrace how alternative identifiers will be used to solve for signal loss. Exponential growth for bid enrichment solutions necessitates industry standards that ensure transparency between buyers, sellers, and ad tech enablers.

Today, 33Across’ Lexicon solution enriches over 150 billion bid requests daily so publishers can earn revenue across all browsers. We see this number multiplying month over month as cookie deprecation and browser restrictions phase into place.

Despite the growth that we are experiencing during this chaotic time of uncertainty, our guiding principles remain unchanged. Like many industry leaders, the path forward to industry-wide success is through transparency and permission-based partnerships.

We believe:

Authorization for the use of identifiers between buyers and sellers must exist to ensure transparency into all signals throughout the value chain whether they are deterministic, probabilistic, or contextual

Publishers have the right to monetize all of their content through the open web independent of browser type in a way that is engaging and respectful to consumers and effective for advertisers

Industry standards rooted in transparency and permission are long overdue to support an increasingly fragmented identity landscape

We are committed to sustaining the open web in partnership with our demand and supply partners, and industry organizations. We will continue to build and grow our addressable infrastructure that creates responsible outcomes and protects the open and free internet for the future.