Digiday Publishing Summit: The Value of Connection

Great connection and thought-provoking content; these were my takeaways from last week’s Digiday Publishing Summit. Among many things, I learned firsthand about publisher concerns as well as of new opportunities for monetization. Here are some points that stood out for me.

Mobile and Video
Mobile and video are growing at a rapid rate. As popular as they are, some publishers find it tough to monetize them compared to the performance they receive on desktop.

Not Putting Your Eggs in One Basket
Publishers relying solely on social media sites are taking a huge risk. Diversifying traffic sources will help you earn more revenue without putting you at the mercy of major social media platforms. Working with  a number of media sites is always a best practice.

Publishers Are Fighting Back
Publishers are taking a stance against ad blockers. Understanding the imperative value of their advertisers, they are creating innovative tactics to prevent ad blocking. Some of the top publishes are even using “pay walls” to prevent viewers who use ad blockers from viewing their content.