Friday Fives: 2018 Predictions and More With Adam K., Our Sr Dir of Demand Development

Cheers to the weekend! For this edition of Friday Fives we’re chatting with Adam Kadet, our Senior Director of Demand Development. Check out how Adam serves his clients and what he thinks brands are looking for in Q4. He also dishes on the future of ad tech, which buzzwords should retire, and which weekend day he considers to be the best.

What are your predictions for ad tech in 2018?
I think that we will see more consolidation in the marketplace. Telcos, e-commerce players, data providers, and even legacy technology will focus more on building their own ad stacks. I think tech companies will also move forward with offering advertisers alternatives to Google and Facebook.

What are brands looking for in Q4?
In Q4 brands are under a lot of pressure to hit their sales and revenue objectives. Brands and their agencies are looking for reliable partners to help them stick out from the crowd and meet all their desired KPIs. During this time brands also need to make sure they are delivering on approved properties and that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

Is there an ad tech topic or buzzword that should retire?
I wish we could retire the entire “fight for transparency” discussion! Transparency should simply be table-stakes. Whether on the brand, agency, or tech-side; focusing on the client and their objectives should always be the top priority. When everyone is aligned and understands each other, more fruitful partnerships develop.

What makes selling digital inventory challenging? What makes it rewarding?
The challenge for me is getting all of the right information ahead of time.  Doing what’s best for my clients and helping them achieve their objectives is what makes it rewarding. Both 33Across and our clients do a great job at setting up deals for success.

Whats the best weekend day, Saturday or Sunday?
Saturday. I like to wake up early and go to the gym or for a run. It is a great way to reset after the work week. I also love college football so my Saturdays are always jam-packed with games. More people need to stay up later to watch the west coast games!