Making the Most of the Small Screen

In 2017, mobile phones accounted for more than 52% of total global internet traffic. Operating in an increasingly mobile-centric world means building for the realities of a smaller screen. With initiatives like the Better Ads Coalition in full force, it’s more critical than ever to consider mobile consumer behavior as part of your monetization strategy. There are many factors to consider including strategic partners, social media platforms, and tools that can boost page performance.

Advantages of Social Media
Social media platforms play a huge role in driving mobile traffic as 89% of people on smartphones are using apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Despite recent declines, Facebook still drives about 25% of publisher traffic. As a publisher it is important to test content and strategies optimized for each platform. The ability to utilize key social channels can still have a huge impact on the amount of traffic referred to your site.

Becoming AMP Friendly
The faster a website loads, the better chance you have of keeping your readers engaged. Google AMP offers just this. Sure, AMP doesn’t allow publishers to monetize with 3rd parties, however, it does allow publishers to monetize directly with Google. AMP also provides a better user experience for readers. While the CPMs may be lower, the fill rates and scale are typically greater.

Limited Real Estate
The average desktop display can hold up to 5 ads while only 1-3 ad units can fit on the screen of a mobile device. Given this, focusing on a few partners that perform while implementing high CPM formats can deliver better overall results. Because there are fewer ads per page, striking a balance between impact and user experience is critical. The right formats can increase revenue per page view, while decreasing clutter and visitor bounce rates, which can help overall revenue.

33Across has a host of ad formats that not only support small screens but are also Better Ads Compliant. This includes innovative opportunities such as our new in-feed scroller unit which has driven a 137% increase in CPMs and our new parallax scroller format. If you would like to learn more about monetization for mobile as well as desktop we would love to help you get started. Feel free to contact us here or via pubsolutions[at]