Last Week Today: Spotify and Programmatic, Premium Programmatic, and Going Ads.txt-Only

What was the buzz around the office last week? Spotify’s programmatic business is growing, tips to ensure premium programmatic continues to grow, and more advertisers going ads.txt-only.

1. Spotify’s Programmatic Platform Is Growing


Spotify’s programmatic platform is now bringing in 20% of total ad revenue. Last year the company launched its self-serving platform, Ad Studio in the US and is now available globally including in the UK and Canada. AdExchanger explains more including how while video is the fast-growing ad unit, audio is still brining in the most revenue for the music platform.

2. Improving premium programmatic

Programmatic advertising is undoubtedly becoming a staple for brand campaigns. Although the technology is growing overall, the premium programmatic advertising sector could benefit from a few improvements. For instance, having ads triggered by elements such as weather and location could enhance mobile placements. AdWeek breaks down a number of things the industry can do to increase the value of premium programmatic advertising including rethinking their viewability strategy.

3. Advertisers elect to only buy ads.txt ads

Since its debut last year, more advertising are choosing to only buy from publishers who have adopted ads.txt. Several DSPs including MediaMath have empowered their advertisers to only buy inventory that is ads.txt authorized. While this move works well for private marketplaces, Digiday explains how more testing will be needed to make ads.txt-only buys available in the open marketplace.