Making the Most of Your Programmatic Holiday Spending

With Labor Day behind us, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-examine your programmatic strategy for this year’s big holiday push. And, regardless of your specific KPIs, starting with some best practices around key fundamentals a great way to ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity to drive impact.

By now, most savvy buyers know that not all data is created equal. If you’re relying on 3rd party data for your holiday campaigns, freshness and quality are critical. This is especially true when dealing with intent segments for holiday buyers. After all, stale data won’t help much for products with a one-week purchase cycle.

The holiday shopping season is often the most critical and the most competitive, for many retailers. Don’t underestimate the impact of quality inventory and high-impact placements to help boost campaign performance and drive conversions. As holiday shopping continues to shift to mobile devices, it is especially important to find programmatic inventory partners that can help navigate the delicate balance between impact and user experience.

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