Cookie Alternative Spend Continues To Grow in Q1

After a challenging Q4 and the usual drop in revenue that the industry sees during the first quarter of the year, we were pleased to see continued growth in cookie alternative investment. During a time when marketers are seeking efficiency while trying to reach new audiences, unaddressable inventory checks many of these boxes. In fact, some advertising verticals grew their investment in cookie alternative inventory from Q4.

In the latest 33Across Programmatic Cookie Alternative Trends Report, we highlight buy-side and sell-side cookie alternative trends on the 33Across exchange during Q1 2023.

Specifically, the report answers the following questions:

Programmatic Advertisers:

  • Which advertising vertical purchased the most cookie alternative inventory?
  • What was the share of programmatic buying for each advertising vertical by cookie-state and how is this trending?
  • How do cookie alternative CPMs compare to cookied CPMs for advertising verticals?


    • Which content categories monetized the most cookie alternative supply?
    • What was the share of programmatic monetization for third-party cookies and cookie alternatives for each content category?

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Significant Increase in Cookie Alternative Spend for Some Advertising Verticals
    Tech, Travel, and Pharma/OTC advertisers significantly increased their cookie alternative programmatic media spend by as high as 66%

    2. Reduced CPMs Motivate Cookie Alternative Spend
    Travel and Pharma/OTC averaged a cost reduction of 30% in cookie alternative spend and gave advertisers access to frequently overlooked Safari users

    3. Cookie Alternative Impressions Remain Lower than Third-Party Cookies
    Though all advertising verticals received CPM discounts of up to 21% for cookie alternative inventory, this normalized significantly subsequent to a highly competitive Q4

    4. Insurance Advertisers Continue to Invest More in Cookie Alternative Inventory
    Even though their programmatic spend dipped slightly in Q1, Insurance advertisers spent more on inventory without third-party cookies

    33Across Programmatic Buying by cookie-state chart

    Download the full report here to see specific performance data, platform buying behaviors, digital ad spend trends, and more.