More Ways to Monetize Cookieless Inventory with Lexicon Connections

Increasing your financial worth has a different meaning depending on your audience. Whether you’re trying to find a tax incentive, uncover a new revenue stream, or looking for coins under a sofa cushion, most of us could use a little more spending power in Q4. 2023 will be the last year that publishers can supplement their revenue with cookieless monetization since next year it will just become – well revenue.

Lexicon makes monetization outside of third-party cookies easy and in some instances has helped publishers double their unaddressable revenue across supply-side partners shortly after launch. Our main focus is to support publishers and content creators with free monetization tools to sustain a free and open web.

33Across Lexicon Connections:
Here’s How and Where to Monetize Your Unaddressable Inventory Across SSPs

Publishers can tap into cookieless demand across Google Open Bidding, the Amazon Connections Marketplace, and Prebid supply. After a simple integration, Lexicon unlocks cookie alternative demand across your supply-side partners.

Enable Lexicon Across Google Open Bidding (OB)

There’s no doubt that Google is the largest programmatic marketplace. If you’re already using Google OB, you can now deploy the Lexicon ID mapping adaptor across your inventory to turn undervalued supply into programmatic revenue.

Here’s how to start monetizing your unaddressable inventory across
Google’s Open Bidding partners.

If you have Lexicon enabled through Prebid, click here to get started.

Not using Prebid? No problem, here are instructions to enable Google OB without Prebid.


Activate Lexicon Across Amazon Publisher Services (APS)

For publishers who work with Amazon, you can enable Lexicon and activate unique cookie alternative demand across existing supply-side partnerships. Just select the 33Across Lexicon tile within the APS Connections marketplace to get started.

Activate Lexicon Now

Download the Lexicon User ID Module on Prebid

If you’re an existing Prebid user, simply download the 33Across User ID Module to tap into cookie alternative demand across your existing SSP partnerships. Be sure to download the latest version of Prebid (version 8.3 or higher) to gain access to the most up-to-date supply-side partners. Once updated, Lexicon will instantly activate, leading to more cookie alternative revenue and bid activity from unique cookieless demand-side platform integrations.


Other ways to Activate Lexicon with a S2S/oRTB connection

If your traffic integrates via a server-to-server (S2S) or an ORTB connection, we have a solution to help you increase your unaddressable traffic’s value. Simply contact our team and we can help you get started.

Interested in working with 33Across as SSP? Lexicon will automatically deploy across your inventory and you can gain direct access to unique demand-side integrations.

33Across has focused on building an addressable infrastructure and increased the access points for publishers to monetize their unaddressable inventory.

Learn more about which integration is right for your business.


By: Ashleigh Kukich | Senior Director, Partner Success