Gear Up for March Madness: How to Dunk on the Competition with Sell-Side Targeting

Get those b-ball shoes ready – March Madness is nearly here! It’s time to start prepping your game plans to win over passionate college hoops fans. But with so many brands vying for attention, how will you outmaneuver the competition?

The answer is sell-side audience targeting. Here’s how it can help you dribble past the defense and score big this March Madness:

Playmaker Precision

Sell-side targeting allows you to fake out wasted spend by isolating baller segments like sports betters, college alumni, bracketeers, and casual fans. Dial in your offensive attack with greater efficiency.

All-Court Scoring

Surround fans by serving ads across screens and devices. With omnichannel sell-side inventory, you can net conversions whether fans are on mobile, desktop, or courtside.

Real-Time Optimization

Adjust strategies during the tourney for optimal performance. With sell-side experts assisting, you can bank wins as the madness unfolds.

Dream Team Efficiency

Consolidate your roster with one sell-side partner for data, inventory, and workflow. No need to haggle with individual publishers and vendors.


Bring crucial performance advantages on your side with sell-side with unique data, addressability, and experience by using Glossary.

Glossary refines your March Madness marketing strategy and reaches the right fans wherever they consume content. Sell-side inventory curation paired with our unique sports enthusiast audiences and superior addressable capabilities across devices will boost your March Madness campaign performance.

Learn how you can ‘Slam Dunk on Your March Madness Campaigns’.