33Across Celebrates its Second Annual Spirit Week

Summer has come to a close and we all know what that means – students across the country have returned to the classroom. Although we’re missing having our kids at home (or maybe a little relieved), the return to school means that Spirit Week season is upon us!

The kids can’t have all the fun, so last year we decided to start our own annual Spirit Week. Based on its success, we’ve continued the tradition for 2022.

This year, the 33Across Cultural Committee worked together to plan daily fun themes, competitions, and participation opportunities for the 33Across team, which included a t-shirt design competition, sharing throwback songs from our school days, 33Across superlatives, throwback school photos, and a 90s trivia game. Shoutout to the Cultural Committee for all of your hard work!


Here are a few highlights from the 2022 33Across Spirit Week:

33Across T-Shirt Design Competition

We asked members of the 33Across team to design the next branded 33Across t-shirt. Using brand guidelines and a lot of creativity, it was certainly interesting to see the variety of designs from the participants! All employees were invited to vote on their favorite designs.

No surprise that our marketing team came in strong with a tie between 2 employees for 1st place. This means everyone on the 33Across team will receive two shirts – score! See Paggie and Lisa’s winning submissions below, as well as their reasons why they enjoy working at 33.

What I enjoy most about working at 33Across is that it has great team spirit and positive culture, and most importantly it values its employees.

— Paggie Y.

I love how we have creative freedom and space to share ideas. New ideas are encouraged as long as you can back them up and show how they will contribute to the overall success of the business.

— Lisa M.


Throwback School Playlist

What made the playlist even more fun was that, due to our wonderfully diverse team, the music spanned decades, global influence, and up to five different languages. I think it turned out pretty epic, but judge for yourself. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy 33’s Throwback School Playlist!



Superlatives & 33x Shoutout!

33Across’ culture ambassadors took inspiration from the American Yearbook tradition of superlatives and created categories for work, including Rookie of the Year, Most Likely to Show Up to Meetings Early, Life of the Party, Class Clown, and many more fun categories!. Check out our winners below: 


Throwback School Photo

A mix of laughter, great vibes, warm feelings, and nostalgia abounded when seeing each other’s much younger selves; from yearbook, band, and prom photos with the hair that doesn’t quit, to the sweetest first day of kindergarten pics. Many of the photos were very telling, showing who’s  been suited up and ready to make deals from a young age (I’m looking at you Jamar, Nate, and Paul).

90s Trivia & 33x Colors

To close out the week, 33Across team members showed up for a hosted game of 90s Trivia and repped their favorite company colors! 

Overall, this year’s company Spirit Week was a success and proved that even in a remote environment, a team can stay just as connected to one another! 

Are you interested in joining a team with remote flexibility and employee perks? If so, make sure to keep up with our Careers page for open opportunities at 33Across.