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Our newest Partner Spotlight is Shinez; a leading storytelling platform that distributes entertaining and engaging stories across social media and the open web to over 60M readers.

We spoke with Shai Shiff, CTO and Co-Founder of Shinez, about his experience working with 33Across and the process of addressing their cookieless inventory using our identity solution, Lexicon.


How long have you worked with 33Across? How has the overall experience been?
We started working together in December 2018. The overall experience has always been very positive. We work with a lot of SSPs and I must say that 33Across has always stood out with their professionalism, tech savviness, and responsiveness.

Why is solving for addressability and monetizing non-cookied inventory important to you?
A huge part of our business is targeted in the US market which has a very large audience with non-cookied inventory. Solving this issue and optimizing yield from unaddressable inventory has been and will always be a crucial part of our success.

What are some of the most significant results that you’ve seen from utilizing 33Across’ Lexicon solution?
We have seen some exceptional results. For example, from July to October 2022, we saw a 200% increase in cookieless revenue, a 54% increase in cookieless avails, and a 33% increase in fill rates.

What do you like best about Lexicon?
The fact that it requires zero effort from our side in order to gain additional revenue from our already existing setup with 33Across.

What are some of the best things about working with 33Across?
We had the pleasure of working with really great people and we feel we have a great partner to grow our shared business with.

Would you recommend 33Across to someone else seeking cookieless solutions? If yes, why?
Sure. Easy setup. Additional yield. Why not?


Here’s the breakdown of our strategic partnership with Shinez:

The Problem
Shinez found it difficult to monetize their full programmatic supply since 61% of their inventory derives from non-cookied browsers. Being that they operate in mostly cookieless environments, Shinez turned to 33Across to help them monetize their unaddressable inventory.


The Results
33Across’ Lexicon, an identity solution that makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, enabled Shinez to increase cookieless revenue without any operational lift. As a result, they saw a spike in cookieless revenue almost immediately.



For more information on our partnership with Shinez, such as cookieless revenue, win rates, and more, read the full case study here.

If you are a publisher seeking to monetize your cookieless inventory, both today and when the cookie phases out, contact us today!