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Checking in on Some 2023 Predictions

eMarketer reviews how accurate their 2023 predictions were. When revisiting whether privacy concerns would cause a panic, Sara Lebow notes that though privacy concerns played a big role in 2023 and Google remains…

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Google’s Global Legal Troubles

Admonsters covers that Google will not be extending their deadline of third-party cookies and how publishers need to test cookie alternative solutions. The article reviews ways the industry has put new initiatives in place to prepare for the 2024 deadline and…

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Retailers Cash In on Cookieless This Holiday Season

The Cyber Five (the period between Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday) is the most anticipated time for retailers as an influx of gift-givers cash in on the best deals of the year. With a record 196.7 million shoppers, this Cyber Weekend was especially interesting to …

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Optimize Cookieless Monetization this Q4

Q4 is fully underway, and publishers shouldn’t miss out on the huge revenue potential that this quarter brings. We share the tips and tricks publishers need to follow so that they get the most out of their cookieless inventory this holiday season.

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