Category: Product Insights

Measure Identity Analytics Across Supply-Side Partners

Now that we’ve officially entered the cookie deprecation era, having the right analytics tools for your identity initiatives is more important than ever. Publishers can now get a detailed view of their supply performances across their Lexicon-enabled partner platforms with the new 33Across Analytics Module via Prebid. The module provides a better understanding of how…

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Goodbye Cookie—Hello Token

The industry is reeling from the pending demise of the cookie. It’s been a central component to how the programmatic ecosystem functions – how it targets audiences, enables attribution, tracks…

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Using Privacy by Design to Tackle GDPR

If there’s anything that grappling with GDPR compliance has taught us, it’s that untangling the web of which party collected, shared or monetized a specific user’s identifier can be challenging. And if it was tough for our industry’s collective think-tank of…

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A New Standard for Programmatic Transparency

As the programmatic supply chain grows more complex, buyers have become increasingly concerned about protecting themselves against fraudulent inventory and ensuring they’re taking the most efficient path to every impression. At 33Across, we’ve been working hard to provide buyers with as much transparency as possible…

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Our New Adaptor Makes Header Bidding Even Better

Here’s how our new adaptor makes Header Bidding even better. According to industry estimates, header bidding penetration in the US has surpassed 70 percent among the top 1,000 properties. Publishers have seen the benefits of increased competition…

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Introducing a new kind of open exchange

We’re excited to announce the launch of AttentionX™, the first open exchange offering only viewable inventory and beyond, including high impact formats and attention-based ad products. Sadly, 50-70% of all inventory on exchanges today is…

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