Month: November 2022

Advertising Cookieless CPMs | August and September 2022

In the recently produced 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report, we analyzed programmatic transactions on the 33Across exchange to gain insight into cookieless versus cookie trends for buyers and sellers during August and September 2022. From a demand perspective, our report highlights…

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Partner Spotlight | Shinez

Our newest Partner Spotlight is Shinez; a leading storytelling platform that distributes entertaining and engaging stories across social media and the open web to over 60M readers. We spoke with…

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Cookieless Spend Surpasses Cookie Spend and Cookieless Impressions Cost Less, According to 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report

33Across, a publisher technology platform designed for the open web, today announced findings from its new Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report to help publishers and programmatic buyers obtain new insights into emerging buy-side and sell-side trends for cookieless inventory on the 33Across exchange. The analysis for the 33Across Programmatic Cookieless Trends Report was conducted over…

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